Englsh Event Nugget Sequencing and Parent-Child Relation Tasks (Pilot Study)


We are organizing the pilot evaluation tasks for detecting event sequence and subevent linking within the DEFT event community.

  • Goal: Extract Subsequence structure of events
  • Input: Documents with RichERE Event Nugget annotated
  • Output: (1) After Links between Event Nuggets (2) Parent-Child Links between Event Nuggest.


During the pilot study, both event nuggets and coreference are provided. Please always included these annotations in your submission.

In addition, please make sure to copy those into your submission as well. Because the evaluator will look at the coreference and infer more links as possible.


Participants please send their result to Hoa Dang via email: https://www.nist.gov/people/hoa-t-dang

Linking Example


  • Jan 15 2016: The task definition is updated to version 1.5. The main change is on After link representation in submission, where we use mention id instead of span id.
  • Dec 5 2016: Event Sequencing Annotation Guideline is updated to V1.3, Subevent Annotation Guildeline is online.
  • Nov 9 2016: Event Sequencing Annotation Guideline is online.
  • Oct 7 2016: Website is online.