TAC KBP 2017 : Event Detection, Coreference and Sequencing


Following the successful event detection and coreference tasks in the past two years, we are organizing Event Nugget tasks in NIST TAC KBP 2017. In addition to the tranditional Event nugget and Coreference tasks of year 2015 and 2016, we introduce Event Sequence task, which aim to identify the chronological order of events within a particular script.

The Event Detection and Coreference tasks: these tasks aim to identify the explicit mentioning of Events in English, Chinese, and Spanish documents. Every instance of a mention of the relevant Event types must be identified. The Event Detection task is required to detect the selected Event Types and Subtypes taken from the Rich ERE Annotation Guidelines: Events (current version is v2.9.). Also, the task is to identify three REALIS {ACTUAL, GENERIC, OTHER}, which are described in the Rich ERE guidelines.

Event Sequencing tasks: the sequencing task will be conducted on the detected Event Mentions: the main task involve "After" and "Subevent" relations.

The event detection and coreference task will be conducted on a trilingual setting: English, Chinese and Spanish, there will be about 500 annotated documents in total. The Event Sequencing task is only conducted on English. The training set for the Event Sequencing task is constructed by annotating the training and testing data of TAC KBP 2015 Event track data.


Preliminary TAC KBP 2017 Schedule
February 20Track registration opens
June 15Deadline for registration for track participation
September 25 - October 2Event Nugget Detection and Coreference Evaluation Window
October 3-10Event Sequencing Evaluation Window
By mid OctoberRelease of individual evaluated results to participants (most tracks)
October 15Deadline for short system descriptions
October 15Deadline for workshop presentation proposals
October 20Notification of acceptance of presentation proposals
November 1Deadline for system reports (workshop notebook version)
November 13-14TAC 2017 workshop in Gaithersburg, Maryland, USA
February 2018Deadline for system reports (final proceedings version)


  • Jan 21st 2017: The website online.